What is a Telephony Card?

Sangoma’s award-winning telephony cards are trusted to power the world’s leading phone systems, IVRs, and call center applications. Renowned for their premium quality and dependability, Sangoma’s telephony cards are also the most flexible on the market with superior compatibility in most commercially available servers and motherboards. 

They are the number one choice amongst Asterisk- and FreePBX-based phone systems, SS7, and Voice API integrators with a wide range of protocol support, including Analog, PRI, BRI, CAS MFCR2, SS7, and WAN protocol

Sangoma’s T1/E1 and BRI telephony cards are optimised for voice and data applications.

Choose from 1,2,4,8, 6 ports of T1/E1/ for up to 480 simultaneous voice calls or 32,768 Mbps of full duplex data, or 2,4 ports of BRI for up to 8 concurrent calls.

On-board echo cancellation is available on all cards offering superior audio quality as well as reduced CPU usage, optimising system performance.

Choose from 2-24 analogue ports on a single interface slot on your server, allowing up to 24 simultaneous PSTN calls. Their modular design lets you choose between interchangeable FXS or FXO modules to create your own channel requirements.

All our analogue telephony cards offer optional on-board echo cancellation for superior audio quality.

Sangoma datacom synchronous interface cards have been leading the market for OEMs and Integrators looking for WAN, X.25,V.35, RS422, datascope, SNA, or broadcast satellite solutions.

Media and Interface Cards are designed for PC-based proprietary software solutions for automated telephone systems and available in digital and analogue varieties.

Add-on hardware modules and accessories for analog and digital cards.