Reduce Your Telephony Costs Instantly with SIP Trunking

Reduce Your Telephony Costs Instantly; Eliminate unnecessary analogue and ISDN lines.
Replace traditional phone lines and ISDN lines with Sangoma’s SIPStation SIP Trunking. Save thousands off your phone bill with lower rates and simplify your communications into a single data connection. Start saving today with the most viable means to keep your business better connected and lower your telephony costs.

Top 5 Reasons
to choose SIPStation

Providing convenient scalability, SIPStation allows channels to easily be added or removed as necessary. Number porting is fast and simple, and SIPStation works with any PBX setup, including FreePBX, PBXact, Switchvox and more.
With SIPStation, communications need not depend entirely on hardware. With multiple redundancies in the data centre and Internet routing, calls can be rerouted multiple ways in the event of network or PBX failures. Never miss a call!
Sangoma guarantees fast, professional deployments (even multi-site!) with UK-based onboarding services and worldwide tech support.
With monthly, annual and three-year plans, benefit from predictably affordable monthly payments while saving thousands off your phone bill (often over 50%!) with unlimited calling to UK fixed, UK mobile and USA numbers.
With the ISDN switch-off fast approaching, there’s no better time to migrate away with SIPStation. There is no need to replace your PBX right away because SIPStation SIP trunking is a painless stepping stone to enabling Unified Communications and collaboration.

Great Features at an Affordable Price

End-to-End connectivity with PBXact, FreePBX and any other PBX systems
Add and remove SIP Trunks based on your business requirements with ease
Number Porting
Already have existing phone numbers? No problem, we can port them in for you
Migration from the ISDN network switch-off without replacing your existing PBX
Unlimited Calling Plans
Unlimited calling plans to UK fixed, UK mobile and USA numbers
Direct Dialing Inward (DDI)
Affordable direct dial and free phone numbers
Emergency 999
Access to 999 emergency services for one or multiple locations
Build-in Failover
Reroute calls in case of network or PBX failures

SIPStation Pricing

Month to Month
Per Month/Trunk Channel
£ 15
1 Year Plan
Per Month/Trunk Channel
£ 14
3 Year Plan
Per Month/Trunk Channel
£ 12