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Leveraging Open Source Development to Stay Revolutionary

Sangoma Technologies is the primary developer and sponsor of the Asterisk project, the world’s most widely used open source communications software, and the FreePBX project, the world’s most widely used open source PBX software. That makes Sangoma the largest open source telecommunications company in the world.

Sangoma's Open Source Mission

Sangoma has its roots in open source technology. From its founding in 1984, Sangoma has supported various open source projects with its offering of affordable and reliable networking cards and communication products.

Recognising the importance and value of Asterisk and FreePBX in shaping the modern telecommunications industry, Sangoma sought to preserve the open source vision of these vital projects while ensuring their continued growth and development. Accordingly, Sangoma acquired Schmooze, the Wisconsin-based sponsor of FreePBX, in 2015, and Digium, the birthplace and sponsor of Asterisk, in 2018, in order to gain primary sponsorship of the open source projects.

As proof of Sangoma’s sponsorship in good faith of Asterisk and FreePBX, both open source projects have continued to grow and make major releases, expanding functionality and enhancing application security. Sangoma values the diversity of needs and people we serve. That’s why we offer products and services to facilitate and complement the communications networks of both the open source community as well as those who need a fully-supported, turn-key commercial solution.

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Industry Disruption: Open Source in Telecom

Sangoma is the primary developer and sponsor of the Asterisk and FreePBX open source projects.